Histemo Treatment System Creates a Healthy Scalp Environment to Prevent Hair Loss


  • Histemo, a leader in hair loss and non‐surgical hair growth industries in Korea, specializes in scalp and hair‐loss management.

  • Treating the problem of hair loss brought on by the shrinking of hair follicles and restoring the health of those follicles has been the core of Histemo’s research and development for 12 years.

  • Histemo products start by restoring the health of the scalp and the restoration of hair roots, which is theoretically similar to growing vegetables in a garden. Only when the soil is healthy can the roots of vegetables grow and the seedlings become prosperous.


Histemo scalp treatment has a 3-to-8 step procedure, depending on the different conditions of the scalp. The three most common care situations are for:
  1. Those who want to clean the scalp
  2. Those who want to prevent hair loss
  3. Those who want to grow new hair

FIRST: Regardless of the treatment method, the first thing performed is a free scalp test. The scalp tester is an advanced instrument that analyzes several major characteristics of the scalp, such as the density of the hair, the degree of hair loss, the severity of dandruff and oil, the allergies of the scalp and the thickness of the hair. The information obtained from the scalp tests will provide useful information for the hair treatment plan.

SECOND: The second (and critical step) is using the Aqua scalp cleaning machine to remove the oil and dandruff from the scalp with almost a vaccum action. Without this step, Histemo has seen that even the best scalp essence cannot be absorbed by the scalp.

THIRD:  Another phase involves microneedle technology on the scalp. Using the microneedle step before and after applying the scalp serum will greatly improve the absorbency of the product and also invigorates the scalp and stimulates circulation. 


The ingredients used are powerful actives that are proven to help promote hair growth and also slow, or even prevent, hair loss.  They include these 12 different growth factors—including Intocell‐VEGF, Intocell‐PDGA, IGF‐1, bFGF, VEGF, KGF, PDGF‐A and HGF, with purity of more than 95 percent.

The growth factor proteins send a signal to cells to regenerate while peptides strengthen, repair and and reduce inflammation. 


  • The system has been reviewed and approved by Yeonsung University’s Beauty and Skincare Department.
  • The safety of Histemo products has been reviewed and approved by Skin Dermal Test Result of Skin Dermatology Research Institute of Korea.
  • Histemo products have been approved by the KFDA and have been registered at FDA.
  • Histemo products have also been endorsed by beauticians and television celebrities. Product line‐up of the best scalp / hair / hair‐ loss management procedures in Korea
  • Products are currently in use in 2000 stores internationally including dermatology, scalp management centers and beauty salons.
Since 2018, the Histemo product line‐up has been available throughout much of the United States, including in salons in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, Illinois and Texas.


Histemo will provide free training on their scalp treatments.  Contact them here. 

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