Healthy Hair Starts With Healthy Scalp

People seem to spend a lot of time and money willingly on facial skin care. Everyone is also no stranger to hair care. Today people’s awareness of care and maintenance is constantly increasing.

However, the most important thing you should take care of is the scalp! So today we will focus on understanding what you should know about the scalp.

The metabolic cycle of the scalp is 14-21 days;

The pH of the scalp is 5-5.5, which is weakly acidic;

The scalp is 6 times thinner than the facial skin and 12 times thinner than the body skin (second only to the skin around the eyes), and the aging rate is 6 times that of the face and 12 times that of the body;

The scalp is the highest skin of the human body, which controls the elasticity of the whole body’s skin, and is most corroded by ultraviolet rays and free radicals, so the rate of aging is also the fastest;

The scalp is an extension of the skin on the face, and there will be no wrinkles on the face only if the scalp is firm. Wrinkle removal starts from the scalp; Therefore, the first thing to do is to raise the health level of the scalp, and to prevent wrinkles, treat the scalp first!


Precious hair follicle, hair volume depends on it

A hair follicle can grow 1-5 hairs, so to a certain extent, the hair follicle can almost determine how much hair!

For friends with less hair, hair loss, alopecia areata, and bald heads, your hair follicles may be in critical condition, and if you don't pay attention, you may face the embarrassment of "strong bald head"!


Each hair follicle has 4-6 sebaceous glands responsible for secreting oil. There are about 300 tiny blood vessels and nerves under each hair follicle. Each hair follicle only grows 20 hairs in its lifetime. The growth cycle of each hair is 1-3 years or 2-6 years, and if it falls off in advance, it will be closed in advance (the hair follicle will be closed and no hair will grow again);

The main function of hair follicles is to grow hair and breathe, dissipate heat and detoxify (when the heat cannot be discharged, there will be dandruff, scalp inflammation, and hair follicles will be damaged).

  1. Oily scalp

The root cause of many hair health problems can be attributed to this aspect. We can detect some of our own scalp properties based on several symptoms of oily scalp. Excessive oil production; hair loss; folliculitis; powdery dandruff; odor; hair strands.

And more oil is a common surface phenomenon of the scalp, so why is the scalp so oily?

Everything is due to the sebaceous glands (responsible for secreting oil), and we know that the proper amount of oil secreted by the scalp can moisturize the scalp. However, too much stress, staying up late, facing the computer for a long time, eating greasy food, sweets, improper shampooing, washing too often, the water temperature when shampooing your hair is too high, and the secretion of male hormones will stimulate the sebaceous glands and lead to excessive scalp of oil secretion.

Grease is also a hair follicle killer. When the oil secretion is too high, some of the dust, dead skin and oil on the scalp are mixed together, oxidized into a waxy substance, and clogged the pores. At this time, the oil glands will continue to secrete oil, but because the pores are blocked, some of the oil secreted will flow back to the hair root, combine with 5α-reductase in the hair follicle, and convert it into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This way, the oil glands become swollen, stimulating them to further activate and secrete more oil.

After a period of accumulation, the backflow oil combines with bacteria, waste, and sweat in the body, which will become hard and keratinized, and eventually surround the hair roots, further hindering the absorption of hair nutrients and damaging the hair follicles. After keratinization, it will further breed toxic substances, causing hair loss.

With Histemo’s Iron to S Scalp Cleanser, the minty cream leaves scalp feeling refreshed. What’s more surprising is that it leaves the scalp feeling clean and free of excess oil. This helps reduce blockage of the hair follicles and aid hair growth.


  1. Dry scalp

Symptoms are: accompanied by large dandruff, itching, dry, tight and sensitive, prone to gray hair.

The scalp is weakly acidic. Long-term use of alkaline shampoo or frequent dyeing will cause the scalp to change from weak acid to alkaline, and lose a lot of water and hyaluronic acid, which will lead to dry scalp, sensitivity, and metabolic imbalance. A large number of Malassezia fungi (that is, large dandruff), when the scalp is infected by this fungus, it will form many tiny wounds (small red spots seen during the test), and it will also be very itchy, which can seriously lead to dandruff.

Histemo’s Ion to S Scalp Cleanser is a great product to get rid of the dandruff and alleviate the dryness of the scalp. When first applied, it feels mint on the scalp which feels super clean and refreshing. Consistent usage will reduce dandruff visibly.


  1. Combination scalp symptoms

Symptoms are: the oil on the top of the head is dry on both sides.

When the combination scalp changes seasons, dandruff will increase; after shampooing the combination hair, the hair shaft and ends will dry quickly, but the roots will take a long time to dry; in summer, The condition of the split ends has not improved at all; the hair is not easy to style, and the hair is often flying in the air, which is particularly prone to static electricity; in addition to the characteristics of the hair, the T-section of the face, the chest and the back are oily and often There will be acne breakouts, so it must be combination hair.

"After every shampoo, it's better to blow the hair until it is 80% dry. Although from a health point of view, the use of overheated strong wind will damage the hair, but in fact, as long as after shampooing, apply a moisturizing If you need to use the hair care products, then blow-drying is the absolute correct way, and remember to buy the kind of hair dryer with a cold-air outlet, and then use the cold-air to shrink it after using the hair-dryer, so as not to overburden the hair. temperature, this drying method is more suitable for combination hair.”

With Spring around the corner, take care of your scalp. Histemo has multiple scalp cleaning and care product that can effectively restore the nutrients needed for hair growth in the scalp. Let’s get our hair ready for the summer months ahead to show off our hair!




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