Ion-to S Scalp Cleanser home care
HISTEMO ION-TO S SCALP CLEANSER Scalp Waste Removal - Removes waste to create healthy scalps Scalp Sensitivity Relief - Soothes scalps sensitive to particular ingredients Scalp Stress Mitigation - Relaxes tired scalps SCALP NORMALIZATION WASTE REMOVAL Main Ingredients Salicylic Acid-...
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Ion-to C Calming Serum
Period of Use: 2 Months Sensitive scalp soothing Features  Sensitive scalp tonic specifically for scalp. Enhanced soothing effect from the chamomile plant and leaf extract. Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties from bamboo, lobule, and dandelion extract. A clinical product that helps with...
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Ion-to O Massage Oil
Period of Use: 3 months Aroma Massage Features Massage oil Nine plant extracts that aid damaged skin to recovery and circulation. Growth factor proteins strengthen hair roots. Lavender essential oil promotes circulation within the scalp, calming the mind and body....
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Ion-to H Hair Cleanser
Features Hair Cleanser Silicone remover from cuticles Helps with enriching hair dye colors by removing hair waste. Enhances perms and curls after removing hair chemicals. Concepts Biotin (Vit.H), Panthenol (Vit.B5) and Niacinamide (Vit.B3) help healthy hair growth. Growth Factors (bFGF,...
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Ultra Scalp Scaling Solution
Deep Cleansing, Dandruff Removal, Sterilization, Anti-Bacterial Solution for the Scalp Improves scalp condition by helping the blood circulation and removing dandruff, sebum and impurities. Main Ingredients Salicylic Acid Linseed Oil Marjoram Extract Extract Gossam Extract Suchmawalich Skin Extract Fruit Extract...
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Ultra Growing 1st Solution Enhancer
Recovery of scalp and hair-Using this solution, you will see your damaged and sensitive scalp recovered and your hair root will become stronger. Your hair will grow in a healthy way. [Capacity] 50 ml [The main ingredients) Biotin, Arginine, Cystine,...
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Double Effect Core PGF
Period of Use: 7 Months - 30vial  Growth Factors, Strengthening Follicles Agents, Hair Growth Agents, Hair Retention Agents (Active Powder Functions) Ultra Double Effect Core PGF is an intensive anti-hair loss solution contains active growth factors and peptides which promote...
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3rd - Ultra Lasting 3rd Solution
Period of Use: 6 Weeks - 6vial + 6vial Enhancer Increase Hair Length, Maintain Anagen, Increase Hair Follicle and Root. It increases hair root adhesion to the scalp. Nourishes hair shaft to promote ticker and glossy hair with VEGF, bFGF,...
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2nd - Ultra 2nd Strong Powder
Period of Use: 3 Months - 12vial  Increases the Thickness of Hair, Hair Root and Hair Follicle Strengthening, Promotes Anagen, Promotes Growth of the Inner and Outer Hair Follicles Designed to prevent short baby hair from falling and help grow...
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1st - Ultra Growing 1st Powder
Period of Use: 3 Months - 12vial  Promotes Hair Follicle, Promotes Hair Growth, Telogen Shortening, Facilitating Anagen Boosting the hair growth- With 4 types of hair growth factors and 3 types of hair growth peptides, this powder shortens the stages...
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Smart Hair Diagnosis Solution
TECHNOLOGY Keeps your work environment clean and clutter-freePortable camera with embedded rechargeable batteryWireless diagnosis system connects handset and tablet/mobile phone Smart Hair Diagnosis Solution dsHarris is an advanced hair diagnostic system with unparalleled technology. The dsHarris combines stylish and sophisticated design...
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Aqua Machine
Multifunctional Aqua Vacuum Suction Machine with Histemo scaling solution, gives scalp deep cleaning and nourish scalp at the same time. Mp4 is a reference.
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