G for Growth: The Science Behind Hair Regrowth

        Hair and scalp are the most overlooked body parts in our skin care routine. Well, at least it is that way for me. We often don’t think of our scalp the way we think of our skin, although it is essentially the same. And if you are also like me, that has never paid attention to my hair till one day, I noticed my hair is VISIBLY LESS! Panicking, I started research on hair and scalp care. And two years later, after tried countless shampoo, essence, brush, pills, etc. I want to share a thing or two with you.


        Proper hair care is the most difficult yet least emphasized sector in the cosmetology field. The biggest challenge for those who suffer from hair loss is tackling slow hair regrowth-- that’s why so many people opt for buying vitamins, injecting steroids, or consulting medical professionals for other surgical processes. However, steroids are not natural, nor organic and come with significant side effects. Surgery, hmm, are often expensive and have higher risks involved. In addition, buying vitamins may be beneficial to your overall health, but may not be targeting hair regrowth in the way you want. But do not lose hope! HISTEMO is here to finally solve your hair thinning problems with our “Ion to G” product. 

        Okay, now I am going to get all “science” on y’all: The “G” in “Ion to G” stands for growth factors. This product incorporates three different growth factors, five plant extracts, and two different forms of vitamin B (B3 and B5). 

        The growth factors work in lieu to promote cellular hair growth, prevent hair loss, and stimulate the formation of increased blood vessels in the hair bulb. The five plant extracts include Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice and Witch Hazel Extract, which provide you with the nutrients needed for regrowth functions to occur efficiently. 

        Niacin is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient that provides Vitamin B3; it increases production of Keratin to grow stronger hair, improves blood circulation, and reduces inflammation. 


        On top of that, “Ion to G” incorporates Panthenol, another crucial vitamin to promote hair regrowth. Panthenol provides Vitamin B5, which provides increased scalp moisture retention (to combat high levels of heat exposure) while also strengthening the base of your hair follicles to prevent hair loss. A lack of vitamin B can be another factor for hair loss. 

        The combination of these growth factors, plant extracts, Niacin, and Panthenol allow for the best results for hair regrowth. By combining these ingredients in our “Ion to G” product, users are able to stimulate hair regrowth, while simultaneously getting the necessary nutrients for the regrowth of STRONGER hair, thus preventing future hair loss. 

        HISTEMO’s unique “Ion to G” product has provided our customers with the desired results they wanted. This product is recommended to mix with 1st powder to achieve the best results efficiently. After a long search for the perfect hair regrowth solution, they finally found us. 

Before and After

 (usage: 1st powder + one package Ion to G, 4 20mL bottles)  

Case A: 

(usage: 1st powder + one package Ion to G, 4 20mL bottles) 

Case B:

 (usage: 1st powder + two packages of Ion to G, 8 20mL bottles) 

Case C:

 (Usage: 1st powder + two packages of Ion to G, 6 20mL bottles)

Before & 6 weeks After


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