Scalp Care, are you doing it the right way?

Part I – The BASIC Routine Care

Nowadays, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to their own body image. We hear about skin care, body care, etc everywhere. But when you pay attention to the "face" projects such as facial skin, clothing and makeup, do you also pay attention to your scalp?

Fertile soil can grow beautiful flowers. Similarly, when it comes to our hair, how to care for the hair is important, but the fertile soil for our hair to grow healthily - the scalp is more important! I am sure what we heard and saw on this year’s Oscar’s Award Ceremony shows us that even celebrities face the same problem.

How to care for the scalp? Today, let’s discuss some ways and products that answers this question.

Scalp Shampoo = Cleansing Oil for Head

The vast majority of us know that skin care starts with "makeup removal", but when it comes to scalp care, we all ignore it. We jump in shower and dump shampoo on our head and thinking that’s all the cleaning our hair will need.  In fact, scalp care also should start with the basic "makeup removal" steps. This is not to remove make up of course, but to remove the chemicals, dust, and toxins that accumulate on our scalp from air pollution.

Because the scalp is hidden under the hair and cannot be seen intuitively, it is often forgotten by us unconsciously. Long-term careless cleaning will cause dirt to accumulate, the pores of the scalp will be blocked, and the hair will naturally not grow healthily. And generally speaking, the scalp is more likely to secrete oil than the face, which will block the pores. At this time, even if you add nutrients to the hair, it will not be absorbed well, but will remain on the surface of the scalp, resulting in dandruff and itching. , hair loss, etc.

Therefore, hairdressing should start with cleaning scalp dirt, sebum, and hairspray and other hairdressing residues!

Histemo ION – TO S Scalp Cleanser

Official website introduces ION-TO S scalp cleanser suitable for people with itchy scalp or hair loss due to stress or dry conditions. It contains peppermint oil, a natural ingredient that gives you the refreshing sensation and at the same time, the active Growth Factors bFGF and VEGF which are the natural proteins that function as growth stimulators. It alleviates inflammation, repair damaged tissues and help increase hair thickness and make hair follicles stronger for men and women facing alopecia and hair thinning problems.

A lot of users reported that After use, the scalp feels clean. After washing, the hair is very soft and there is no knot. The spearmint oil provides the refreshing feeling as well as a pleasant aroma. When massaging it, the scalp will feel a little cool, and it is super comfortable to use in summer! After rinsing off, the whole head feels very refreshed, and it doesn't feel as dirty as normal conditioners.

HISTEMO Ultra Scalp Care Shampoo

Shampoo ≠ specialized for scalp care

The concept of washing and protecting the hair separately has been accepted by everyone. We usually use shampoo, conditioner and hair care essence to clean the hair, soften the scalp surface, promote hair growth and improve blood circulation. effect. But neither conditioner nor hair mask is suitable for direct contact with the scalp, so we have not done enough to clean the scalp!

In order to provide a clean environment for hair growth, we should choose scalp-specific cleaning and maintenance products.

Histemo’s Ultra Scalp Care Shampoo is a product designed specifically for stimulate hair growth while cleanse the hair we have. It has 12 different plant-based growth factor ingredients and combined them with a data driven scientific formula. Its unique skin care ingredient, Biotin can provide an abundance of nutrition to the scalp, enhances stronger and thicker hair growth.

The user experience is very positive. It feels clean, and the scalp feels very refreshing after washing, which is why the dirt and oil on the scalp are washed away! The foam is very rich and the smell is good, so the washing process is also very pleasant. After washing, the hair is very soft, has volume and the has a good sheen, not the kind that looks particularly fake and oily!

Histemo Ultra Scalp Care Nutritioner with DHT Blocker

We hear "no paraffin, no irritation" a lot nowadays, which made us start to have awareness of this chemical. It is the worst for your hair because it causes excess buildup on the strands and scalp, and leads hair to fall faster than their normal life cycle. We suggested When you buy this type of product, you can first look at the ingredient list and how to use it.

If it is a scalp-specific product, you should wet your hair with warm water, apply it directly on your scalp, let the product stay on the scalp for a while, and gently massage the scalp with your fingertips for 3 to 5 minutes to clean and soothe the scalp from the root. Thoroughly improve the scalp microcirculation, so that the hair can absorb the nutrients in the nutritioner, and also play a repairing role.


Due to improper cleaning or excessive cleaning, resulting in insufficient moisture content of the scalp, hair tends to become coarse, less flexible, and it is easy to become tense and dry. This Ultra Scalp Care Nutritioner contains Betaine, a fatty acid derived from coconuts. It is a proven ingredient to repair scalp tissue, and it treats the root of the problem by attracting water molecule the hair follicles. When these follicular cells are lubricated, the scalp will not dry out and produce excess dandruff. As a result, it prevents scalp build-up, and the hair follicle remains disinfected and healthier with the use of Betaine. 

The user experiences noticed that Histemo’s Ultra Scalp Care Nutritioner can effectively improve the oily scalp. Even if the scalp is oily, after washing the hair, the oil will not be obvious until the next afternoon. Even the bangs can show the effect, and there will be a slight cooling feeling, which is very comfortable.

These are the basic scalp care that should be incorporated in your scalp care routine. Next time we will discuss the specialty products that when used together with this routine care it can increase the results of hair growth.


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