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ION-TO S (Scalp Cleansing) Ultra Scalp Care Shampoo (Hair Loss Prevention & Scalp Massage) Nutritioner (Supply Nutrition / Shine to Scalp and Hair) 2nd - Ultra 2nd Strong Powder Double Effect Core PGF

Ion-to S Scalp Cleanser for Pro(include for stock)
HISTEMO ION-TO S SCALP CLEANSER Scalp Waste Removal - Removes waste to create healthy scalps Scalp Sensitivity Relief - Soothes scalps sensitive to particular ingredients Scalp Stress Mitigation - Relaxes tired scalps SCALP NORMALIZATION WASTE REMOVAL Main Ingredients Salicylic Acid-...
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Ultra Scalp Care Shampoo
Hair loss prevention, Dirt removal, Hair strengthening Hair loss prevention:Promotes hair follicle reinforcement and hair loss prevention with active ingredients: Pantothenic acid, Panthenol, Copper peptide, while removing dirt. Thick hair growth reinforcement:Enhances thick hair growth with Biotin, Nicotinic acid amide which provides...
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Ultra Scalp Care Nutritioner
Oily scalp, Sensitive scalp, Dry scalp, Dandruff, Colored hair, Hair loss prevention Hair loss preventionPrevents hair loss with Copper peptide which suppresses expression of 5α-R to scalp. Glossy hair reinforcementEnhances glossy hair by restoring damaged hair with 8 types of...
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2nd - Ultra 2nd Strong Powder
Period of Use: 3 Months - 12vial  Increases the Thickness of Hair, Hair Root and Hair Follicle Strengthening, Promotes Anagen, Promotes Growth of the Inner and Outer Hair Follicles Designed to prevent short baby hair from falling and help grow...
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Double Effect Core PGF
Period of Use: 7 Months - 30vial  Growth Factors, Strengthening Follicles Agents, Hair Growth Agents, Hair Retention Agents (Active Powder Functions) Ultra Double Effect Core PGF is an intensive anti-hair loss solution contains active growth factors and peptides which promote...
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