Should I wait for scalp care after my hair has fallen off?

Should I wait for scalp care after my hair has fallen off?

Some frequently asked questions we get from our customers include:

  • Should I wait for scalp care after my hair has fallen off?
  • Is special treatment for the scalp superfluous?
  • Is scalp care an item to be done when the scalp has problems?

You may be thinking: "I have no problems with my scalp right I really need scalp care?" This is a good question. Most people don't actually recognize their existing scalp health problems because of their lack of care and attention; most don't even realize that the scalp needs caring for! Most of the time, solutions to scalp conditions are sought out only AFTER individuals recognize the problem. Some conditions include itchiness, dandruff, hypersensitivity, excess oil, hair thinning, hair loss, receding hairlines, etc. However, these scalp problems occur gradually rather than overnight. Therefore, we must be precautious during our everyday lives in regards to maintaining a healthy scalp, for healthy hair.

At present, poor scalp conditions are affecting people around the world. The age of the hair loss population is getting younger and younger, and the number of hair loss among college students is increasing rapidly. With no effective, sustainable solution, this takes tolls on both their physical and mental health. Survey data of nearly 5,000 people in big cities shows that 45% of people are troubled by hair loss, and as many as 41% have dandruff. In addition, 32% of men and 36% of women have sensitive scalp problems. Scalp problems directly affect hair loss. Thus, the first step to combatting hair loss is to start, quite literally, at the ROOT of the cause: the scalp.

Should I wait for scalp care after my hair has fallen off?

The hair follicles in the scalp are places where hair metabolizes and sources hair growth and development. Atrophy and steroid induced growing of the hair follicles leads to new hair growth but at much slower rates. Some additional side effects also include faster hair loss during the telogen phase--this uneven growth and rapid hair loss makes for an unsustainable long-term solution.

Scalp cleaning and regular massages are recommended, as it dredges the veins and acupoints under the scalp and enhances blood circulation. Massaging the scalp ensures the applied “scalp essence” nutrients are fully absorbed by the hair follicles. This way, not only are the hair follicles repaired with a healthy scalp, but the natural loss and growth of hair are both restored in balance. Now, the health follicle can produce one or two more hairs than previously. (There are 3-4 hairs in a normal hair follicle). This is the so-called hair regrowth!

Histemo has a complete scalp care & hair care system. First, our scalp cleansing formula uses “Ion To S” deeply cleanses the scalp, reduce inflammation, removes the greasy stains accumulated on the scalp all the year round, makes the circulation better; Second, daily hair care achieves best results by using our scalp care shampoo and scalp care nutritioner. One of the main ingredients is Copper Tripeptide-1, a key ingredient to block the DHT to prevent hair loss. You see , only use our shampoo and nutritioner can prevent hair loss! Lastly, Ion To G should be applied to nourish the scalp. With multiple growth factors and peptides and plant extracts , G nourish and moisturize the scalp and hair roots, Promotes hair grow. We also have professional growth powders to achieve thicker, fuller, stronger hair. You need to consult with our company prior to purchase, due to the fact that each person has their own unique scalp conditions that work best with different formulas.

This is not a pill, therefore, there will be no side effects. As long as you use it according to our professional guidance every day, you will be able to feel results immediately and see the results for a healthy scalp and regrowth of new hair after a couple of weeks ! Our mission is to help our clients prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. We are here for you!

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