7 Tips for Healthy Hair Growth

You may have watched thousands of videos and read numerous articles, including the ones tagged how to make your hair grow faster in a day and how to make your hair grow super-fast overnight, but you’re still searching for a magical remedy.


That magical remedy is patience and knowing what works for you. There are home remedies for faster hair growth, however, you have to be disciplined and consistent for it to work.

Besides a good hair care product, there are things you can do on a day-to-day basis to ensure your hair grows faster and thicker. One thing you must understand is that there is no one way to grow your hair longer fast.


As you learn how to grow your hair fast, it is inevitable to not come across tips on how to stop hair breakage.


Due to relaxers and different hairstyles which are harmful to hair strands, millions of people battle with hair loss, but can’t find a good hair loss treatment.


So, to save yourself while you still can without going to the extremes these are tips on how to grow your natural hair super-fast.

  1. Be patient

Impatience is what drives you to try all sorts on your hair not caring weather it is harmful or helpful to your hair. You must understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day, therefore, your hair will not grow overnight.

If your hair routine and products are sure and tested, be patient, let your hair work itself. Your hair is not lifeless, it goes through a series of processes on its own, as you aid optimum processing, wait for the results, things work over time.

  1. Trim regularly

You may have heard this your whole life and avoided trims as a child, but a pair of scissors is your friend. A trim once every 3 months is essential in getting rid of damaged hair with split ends and promote a balanced hair growth.

It is important to get rid of these damage strands because they prevent the growth of healthy hair, causing the hair to thin out and break out. You must not overdo hair trims. Trimming is different from cutting.

  1. Let go of the heat when you can

We know heat makes your hair dry faster, and allows you to transform your hair, however, heat is not the best for you here, therefore, avoid it as much as possible.

Too much heat tends to damage your hair without you even noticing. Applying a heat protector to your hair before applying heat will reduce the damage and you will see less of a hair loss.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet

You are what you eat and so is your hair. The food we consume provide us with various nutrients. A healthy diet will contain all needed nutrients for a better body, including your hair. A diet high in protein, vitamins and essential minerals will ensure your hair is nourished therefore promote natural hair growth.

  1. Bye-bye cotton pillowcase, hello silk

Cotton pillowcases are the most commonly used pillowcases. If you want your hair to grow better and faster, ditch the cotton pillowcases and say hello to silk.

As you lay your head on cotton the friction against your scalp is greater as opposed to silk material. Using a silk pillowcase will leave you with fewer strands falling out when you wake up in the morning. As we work towards hair growth, we also need to cut down hair loss.

  1. Avoid towel wraps

Wrapping your hair with a towel when its wet is a common practice. It may also seem ideal because the towel will absorb the water as opposed to having it drip all over you, but you thought wrong.

Wet hair is very fragile and prone to damage. Wrapping it with a towel increases friction and leads to more breakage and hence the hair loss. Patting your hair dry with a towel is a better option for preventing hair damage and hair loss.

  1. Perfect your hair routine.

As you try out different treatments, patterns, and routines, you will notice differences, some will support your hair growth and others won’t. Pick the elements that best suit what you want for your hair and develop a routine. Having a routine will make it easier to discipline yourself and achieve desirable results.

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